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myLocation - Coordinates Precise Location Sharing

A precise location sharing & saving app



myLocation uses a specific algorithm to deliver the most accurate location on a map by using coordinates instead of plain address. You can pinpoint your front door or a spot in a parking lot, a secret beach or a fishing mid-sea point


Fast operation, only 2 clicks and a name or address, and the location is sent to any device!


The location sharing links are working on every device that has maps and can receive email or messages!


Use your voice to tell your iPhone to navigate to that contact previously saved through myLocation, through Siri voice assistant

myLocation iOS App on iPhone 7


Send your location by email sending coordinates, address, map link and screenshot, or by a message with a map link


Send your location with a message including a map link, to any device that receives messages (iMessage, SMS)


Save your location or any other location in a new contact in device's contacts, using coordinates, screenshot of the map and other information. You can also tell Siri to drive you there!


Attach a vCard (a contacts file) if saving at the other end matters, containing location's vital information, ready to be saved

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iPhone 7 Plus, 7, SE, 6S Plus, 6S, 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5, 4S
iPad Pro, Air 2, Air, 4th & 3rd Generation, 2, mini 4 & 3 & 2, mini
iPod Touch 6th & 5th Generation

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user reviews

by LosAngeles90631

"Great little app. I cant even say it's no frills. Extremely accurate too. It replaced my current 'send location' app!!"

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You can view the app's help page here
or you can view a video for a previous version but similar functionality below

myLocation [iOS] from CapMac MUG on Vimeo.

special thanks

Michael Sidoric and from Austin, Texas are special for their love and support for this little app called "myLocation".

Thanks to them "myLocation" plays a key role in their project called "GeoGo", which is actually a database full of precise locations created through this app.

Michael has also made a beautiful and thorough video for "myLocation" which you can view in help section.

Thank You Michael!
Thank You!

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